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Brunch and Bubbly at Alta City West Apartments


Join us to celebrate and LEASE UP!

No, that’s not a desperate please for you to sign a lease with us (although we’d love it if you did). This is simply an announcement that we’re making strides in West Houston and we want to share in the excitement with YOU. That’s right, we’re ordering brunch and breaking out the bubbly for this one. So, come on down October 15th from 11am-1pm and come say ‘hi’ to the Alta City West Apartments Team. Don’t forget to ask them to take you for a tour of our boutique luxury community!

We combine an inviting, modern apartment design and easy access to anywhere you want to be in Houston.  Enjoy a luxurious, convenient, and distinct home that is also lively and energizing.  You can have access to innovative living features, a sustainable living environment, and an eclectic experience. Need I say more?

We hope you see you at our Brunch and Bubbly event next week at Alta City West Apartments!    

Life is Meant For Living at Alta City West Apartments

Live your Life at Alta City West Apartments

A few weeks ago, we debuted some unbelievable photos of our brand new community that portrayed in still-form what life could be like living at Alta City West Apartments. But you better believe that we weren’t done there. Apartment marketing agency, GoToMyApartment, came by with their stellar crew and went to work on delivering some fantastic video footage to give you exactly what you need to see to envision YOUR life here with us. When it’s all said and done, we’re confident in the life we can provide here and we’re even more excited that we have the tools to show Houstonians what boutique luxury living really looks like. Welcome to Alta City West Apartments!  

Now Open: the Pool at Alta City West Apartments

alta city west apartments   We all know it’s been muggy and humid out there, so it’s with great pleasure that we can open up our pool for the remainder of the summer months. It’s been a nice journey from construction to completion and we know you’ll love the zero-entry, beach style pool. So, grab a book or some music, cozy up on one of the lounge chairs and take it all in. This is boutique luxury at Alta City West Apartments!

“Havana Nights”: The Alta City West Grand Opening Party

acw   We are SO thrilled to announce that we are having our Grand Opening party at Alta City West on Wednesday, July 30th, and we’re opening it up to all of you. We’ll be around hanging out with Mojitos for refreshments and some cigars to set the mood, but what we REALLY need is you. So, come any time between 1pm and 7pm, and we’ll be there holding it down. Make sure to tweet us some pics at @AltaCityWest or post them on our Facebook Page. We want to see all the fun you’re having. See you there!

Your First Glance at Alta City West Apartments


Alta City West Apartments

We’re building pretty quickly, here, which means that living in West Houston will have a whole new meaning. We got tired of the HUGE communities, where no one pays attention to residents or general apartment upkeep, and wanted to focus on a more intimate and boutique lifestyle. Our philosophy is quite simple: if our residents are happy, then WE are happy.

We found out a great way to do this is to start small. We are building just 133 units here, which means that our staff will have a more focused approach to making sure our residents are comfortable and relaxed while they are at home. We know after long days at the office or nights out that there really is no place like home. So, enjoy your first glance at Alta City West.

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Trending: Green living in one of Houston’s sought-after neighborhoods

At Alta City West, we’re not only building a physical masterpiece (kudos to the construction crew), we’re installing a different kind of lifestyle in one of Houston’s sought-after neighborhoods in the Westchase District. Each new future resident is invited to experience an apartment community that’s intimate, inclusive, and bold – but that’s not all. We’re also introducing a style of green living certified by the many amenities we’re putting in place. Healthy Environments From the very beginning, we wanted Alta City West to be engineered to limit moisture problems, so that we could put pest and mold issues to bed. We also wanted to design the place to provide an appropriate level of fresh air. So, our smart product selection includes fresh air ventilation that limits indoor pollutants. Real Efficiencies We know that saving energy and water is important to you. It’s important to us, too! So, we’ve designed the building using high-performance equipment that will aid in our efforts. Our durable products and techniques actually reduce maintenance costs, and we’re engineered to be more comfortable and save on operating costs. Sustainable Lifestyles Choosing our location wasn’t an accident. We want to promote walk-ability by becoming a part of a thriving neighborhood that is nestled along one of Houston’s major thoroughfares. Our construction process was done with efficiency to create less pollution and to create environmental benefits for the neighborhood. Through these efforts, we’ve designed an opportunity for residents to reduce their carbon footprints.