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The Best Places To Celebrate Valentine’s Day In Houston

The season of love is alive and kicking in Houston and Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate this! If you’re like the majority of us and have put off making reservations for the big night, don’t sweat it. Whether you couldn’t think of a place romantic enough to spend the big night or you simply haven’t gotten around to it, Alta City West has got the full guide to the best places to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Houston.

Local Pour Houston
You can celebrate the big night with crab cakes and delicious drinks. What more could you ask for on the special night? Photo via Yelp user Kara D.
Review Beauty and The Beast
Interested in watching and critiquing a classic interpretation of Beauty and The Beast? The Houston is hooking it up this year! Sign up to watch it at Museum of Fine Arts.
Romantic Dinner at Home
Sometimes simply really is better. Whip up your significant others favorite dish and watch it in front of the TV for a quiet night in.
Grab your chocolates and roses, Houston! We here at Alta City West want to make sure that you have the best food, drink and fun this weekend. Valentine’s Day is a big night and it only comes once a year so you’re going to celebrate it in style here in West Houston!

Photo Blog: New Year, New Apartment Decoration Tips

Whenever the new year rolls around we here at Alta City West get the itch to redecorate. Call it a new years resolution or call it spring cleaning, either way there’s no better feeling than a redecorated apartment and a fresh perspective on your home. We like to keep with the general theme of Texas and West Houston when redecorating but it’s also fun to put a spin on the typical interior decoration ideas. Not interested in redecorating your whole apartment? No fear, these small tips can help you add a little spice to your home without going too crazy. Embrace the spring cleaning fever everyone!

Store up


Instead of bulky bookshelves that take up floor space, try shelves that stack up the wall. They’re decorative and open up the area for more movement. Decoration and photo from

Get Creative

Blog lovin

Picture frames are out, hanging photos are in. Hang your photos in a unique way with a little help from some greenery and crafts. Decoration and photo from



Sometimes it’s fun to mix things up a little, and it always looks good! Frame prints, photos, and silhouettes for a beautiful living room mural. Decoration and photo from

2016 is the year of “out with the old, in with the new” for us! We think redecorating is the perfect chance to start fresh and get some new inspiration in your life. Keep it Texas and keep it fun, y’all.

Staycation in Houston for MLK Weekend

Ah, the first three day weekend in the new year. Full of so much promise and excitement. If you’re like many Houstonians who will be sticking around this weekend since you’re still recovering from traveling for the holidays, don’t sweat it. There is plenty going on in West Houston this weekend to keep you entertained all three days. Can you blame us that Houston is our favorite place? Between the parades, relaxation, and celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. we know this weekend holds good things in store for us!

The Parade


Holidays aren’t complete without a parade. The people, the music, the confetti, it all adds to the holiday atmosphere we all love. Houston is home to the third largest parade in the nation, the Annual Martin Luther King Jr. parade. The parade is on Monday at 10:00am and it starts at the corner of San Jacinto and Elgin streets in Midtown. More info here. Photo from here.

Celebratory Drinks


One of the joys of three day weekends are the extra time you can use to catch up with friends! Head out on the town this weekend and try out some of your favorite local bar scenes. One of our local favorites is Next Door Bar and Lounge, which is just minutes from Alta City West. Photo from Next Door Bar and Lounge Google Page.



Between running around to see parades and catch up with old friends don’t forget to take time to kick back and relax during your three day weekend! Lucky for us Houston is one of the easiest places to let your hair down and have a good time. Start out with a relaxing morning in bed here at Alta City West. A leisurely morning at home is exactly what the doctor ordered!

Don’t stress over your three day weekend, Alta City West! We want to be sure that you have the most fun, and relaxing weekend here in Houston. Take a trip to the parade, have a cocktail and stay in bed all day! You’ve worked hard in 2016 so far, you’ve earned the best staycation in Houston for MLK weekend ever.

Hosting Award Show Parties at Alta City West

Ringing in the start of the new year also means ringing in the start of award show season. Award show season is a time filled with playful competition among friends guessing who will or won’t win and of course our personal favorite, award show parties. Here in Houston, award shows must be commemorated because really if you live in Texas and don’t turn everything into a competition, are you really even Texan? Roll out the red carpet and pull out your baking tools because hosting award show parties at Alta City West is fun and easy to throw together. 

The Decorations


Sure, you can throw an award show party, put out snacks, and throw on the show and be done with it but when a Texan decides to go big, they go big. That means pulling out all the stops with the decorations and turning your home into Hollywood for a night. A little crafting and guidance and you can have a red carpet entry that will blow your guests away. Photo via Pinterest.

The Food

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 11.56.58 AM

It ain’t a party until there’s food at the party! You can dress up the champagne as little tuxedos, put edible gold glitter on everything, and make award cookies to hand out to everyone to make the night as festive as possible. Photo via Pinterest.

The Attire


Playing dress up is just as fun as adults as it was when you were kids. You can make it a formal event where everyone gets dolled up in their finest or you can make it silly and have everyone dress up as their favorite horrible outfit from past years like the Denim Duo Brittany Spears and Justin Timberlake from 2001. Photo from Pinterest.

Place your bets now and make sure to catch up on watching all the nominated movies because knowledge is power in the game of award show winners. Your guests will be blown away by the decorations and food and you’ll have a hoot seeing everyone playing dress up. By the end of the night everyone will be handing you an award for the best award show party ever!

Ringing In 2016 In Houston

A new year means a new start here in Houston and to have a successful 2016 you need to end 2015 and start 2016 in the best way possible! Houston is making sure to not drop the ball this year and has planned events to make sure this is your best New Year’s ever! You can head out for a night out on the town or you can kick it at home and pop champagne. The great thing about New Year’s is that it sets the tone for a whole year of fun in Houston and you get to decide exactly how you want to do that. Alta City West wants to loop you in on the fun and let you know some of the best ways you can spend ringing in 2016 in Houston and West Houston.

Magical Winter Lights


When we think New Year’s we think lights and sparkle. That’s why the Magical Winter Lights at The Sam Houston Race Park is one of the perfect ways to start 2016 off with a bang. Walk around with friends and take in the beautiful light displays before you head out to watch the ball drop and countdown the end of 2015! Photo from

Prohibition Supperclub & Bar


If you’re looking to get transported back in time instead of moving forward into the new year then we recommend heading to the Prohibition Supperclub & Bar for a little speakeasy fun. Between the flappers and performances dating back to the 1930’s you won’t even remember that it’s about to be 2016! Photo from

Alta City West


What better way to ring in the New Year than right here in the comfort of your own home. At Alta City West you can hang out in the clubhouse with some friends and watch the ball drop or you can just sit back and relax in your apartment, because no matter what you do it’s going to be a good time. After the ball drops you can head out in West Houston to meet up with some friends for a drink!

All in all we hope that you have the best New Year’s ever, no matter what you do. We here at Alta City West think that whatever you do on New Year’s is going to set the tone for your year which is why we want to provide you with the best options so you have an amazing 2016. Between heading out and seeing all that West Houston has to offer, or staying low-key and watching the ball drop at home we know you can always count on Houston to be the best city to start a new year in!

Photo Blog: Favorite Alta City West Amenities

As the cooler weather starts to roll in to West Houston and the busy holidays approach we like to take a few minutes everyday to just sit back and relax here at Alta City West. The beauty of living here in West Houston is that you don’t need to hide out and avoid snow or super cold temperatures. Alta City West has the perfect mix of indoor and outdoor amenities for you to enjoy during the hottest and coldest months of Texas living. We invite you to take a look and see what our favorite Alta City West amenities are. Feel free to tag us on Facebook or Twitter with your favorite amenity!
The Clubhouse
Stay out of the outdoors by kicking back and enjoying a day in our clubhouse. Our clubhouse has a pool table, coffee bar, TV room, and a kitchen. Basically everything you need for the most relaxing day in.
The Pool
Even on a cold day in Houston you could probably catch us out here soaking in some rays by the pool.
The Gym
Don’t get caught up spending time driving to a gym or waiting for the machine you really want. Stay at home and get your workout in with all the equipment you need with all the privacy you want.
Alta City West loves going out and experiencing all that Houston has to offer just as much as the next person but sometimes you just need a day in to yourself. You can get that relaxing day right here in West Houston without even having to leave your building. We hope you enjoy the Alta City West amenities as much as we do!

Indoor Houston Fun for The Cooler Months

We must admit, we are pretty excited that the heat is coming to an end and that we are staring the cooler months in the face and walking right towards them! During the summer months, Houston outdoor activities are hustling and bustling around and you can find just about every Houstonian outside having fun. However, once the summer months come to an end and winter is upon us, things start to slow down outside and those of us who live in HTown start looking for indoor activities to fill our time. Alta City West wants to provide you with indoor Houston fun for the cooler months so you have some options to escape the oddness of a cool Houston.

Downtown Aquarium


The Downtown Aquarium, Houston is so much more than just any old aquarium. Here you can learn about anything from the Louisiana Swamp life to the White Tigers of the Maharaja’s Temple. There’s a stingray petting zoo and an adventure through the shark tan to satisfy those who want to live on the edge a little, too.

Space Center Houston


If you’re fascinated by outer space and all that we know about it so far, this is the place for you. From meeting an astronaut to a simulator that lets you feel what it’s like to be in space, The Space Center is filled with all sorts of educating exhibits. But don’t let that education fool you, this place is a blast!

Alta City West


One of our favorite options (unbiased, of course) is taking the day to sit and relax at Alta City West. We have a pool table, a clubhouse, a cyber café, a gym, a community kitchen for parties, and a lounge. Plus, you don’t have to drive at all and at the end of your fun you can call it a night and head up to bed.

While it may not necessarily get cold in Houston, per se, its still just not as fun to be outdoors when it’s grey and gloomy. Besides, we spend so much time outdoors in the summer months that winter is the perfect time to get indoors and learn all the things you’ve been meaning to the past few months! Besides, who doesn’t love a good learning day?


Show Your Texas Pride on Flag Day

Here in West Houston, we have a similar attitude as other Texans. And if there’s one thing people can say about Texans, it is that we’re proud to be from the Lone Star State! While everyday is a good day to show your Texas pride and let everyone know you call TX your home, Flag Day is a great day to put the flag on everything you can find. Sure, you could hang your Texas state flag in your front yard and call it a day, but why not try getting a little original with it? We’ll give you a few examples to get those creative juices flowing.

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 10.35.41 AM

You could start the day by decorating cookies to give out to family, coworkers, or whomever! Quick and easy to make, this is a fun way to put the flag on something to give to everyone you know. The best part is it doesn’t just stop with cookies! You can make any sweet treat or craft into a flag shape, so feel free to get inventive.

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 10.36.47 AM

You can also decorate your house in unique ways with Texas flag inspired accents. With all the opportunities for crafting that are available, it has never been easier to get creative with projects. A Texas flag stained glass is a perfect way to show off your Texas pride without having to go the traditional route of hanging a flag.

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 10.37.42 AM

One of the most common and widely known ways to show off your favorite flag is flying it proudly from your car window. Car flags are a fun and easy way to zip up and down the streets while showing off your Lone Star State pride.

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 10.38.32 AM

Of course, one of the absolute best ways to show your Texas Pride on Flag Day is to wear it proudly across your chest as you walk down the street. Hat, shirt, pants, shoes, you name it, and you can order it with a Texas Flag printed right on it.

Here at Alta City West, we know that nobody can mess with Texas! Whether you’re going to bake your Texas love into Texas-shaped cookies or wear your favorite state’s flag on your shirt for the day, Flag Day is the perfect day to show your state pride in fun and festive ways. Happy Flag Day, and don’t mess with Texas!

Looking for Apartments in West Houston? Look No Further

These are the Apartments in West Houston that You’re Looking For

Hey, I get it. Apartment hunting is tough. And sifting through all the options trying to make a decision is even harder.

The fact of the matter is, it doesn’t have to be hard at all. Listen, you’ve made it to this website for a reason. You’re interested in a lifestyle that is focused on you and the things you want, and there really isn’t a better place to look than right here at apartments in West Houstong, specifically us! We’re comprised of only 133 units, which speaks volumes. How, you ask? Simply because we are able to cater our time and efforts to your needs and to provide the lifestyle you’re looking for.

It also helps that we’re just minutes from Downtown Houston along the coveted stretch of Westheimer Rd. Itching to apply already? Alright, just make sure to follow us on Twitter first so that you’re armed with awesome things to do before you make the move. Then, follow me to your new apartment home.

Alta City West Grand Opening Receives Strong Draw

Alta City West Apartments – NOW OPEN.

Wood Partners recently hosted more than 60 people at a Havana Nights-themed grand opening party at Alta City West, a boutique 133-unit community on Westheimer Road. This new development is already approximately 29 percent leased.

The recently completed Alta City West, a 119,000-square-foot luxury apartment building on three acres located at 9233 Westheimer Road in Houston, was designed by Good, Fulton & Farrell. The community includes five studios, 84 one-bedroom units and 34 two-bedroom units, with 188 parking spaces. Luxury finishes include stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, subway tile backsplashes, vinyl plank flooring, and washers and dryers. Residents have access to a clubroom, fitness center, outdoor kitchen area and pool, and select floorplans will include garages. Wireless connectivity and the latest in audio/visual technology will be available in all common areas.

Alta City West Apartments Pool

Location Is Key

“Potential residents are responding well to Alta City West’s high-end units and amenities,” said Todd Gaines, Wood Partner’s South Texas Director. “The strong location — with great access and short commutes to jobs in the Westchase District, Energy Corridor and The Galleria — is also a major draw.”

Alta City West is close to several major local employers, including Phillips 66, Chevron, Halliburton, BP, Shell and Exxon, and near high-end shopping centers such as The Galleria and CityCentre. Residents are close to Terry Hershey Park, which is expanding its bike trails so that commuters will be able to bicycle through the park to oil company offices around Eldridge Parkway. Memorial Park Golf Course, located a few miles to the east, is one of the country’s top municipal courses.

Here’s The Deal

“Alta City West has unique high-end finishes and offers private attached garages to the interior corridors, which puts it above the competition in the area,” said Alta City West Manager Stephanie Yonan. “The Grand Opening party was successful in introducing our new residents to the local vendors and enticing people to check out our new facilities.”