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Laugh It Up at the Best Comedy Clubs in Houston

As the biggest city in Texas, Houston is a big draw for comedy talent as they make their way across the country. And we also have a thriving homegrown comedy scene to tickle your funny bone. If you’re looking for a night out and you want to laugh, here are our 3 favorite comedy clubs in Houston.

Houston Improv
Originally started in Hell’s Kitchen in New York, The Improv is now a world-renowned, nationwide chain of top-notch comedy clubs that bring in the biggest names in comedy. Here, you’ll be able to see such acts Nate Bargatze, Whitney Cummings, and Maz Jobrani. Historically, The Improv was a regular haunt of such legends as Richard Pryor, George Carlin, and Jerry Seinfeld. In Houston, you can see comedians of all kinds in front of the iconic Improv red brick wall.

ComedySportz is the place to go for rapid fire, family-friendly improv games. Two teams compete for laughs in a variety of improvised scenes with suggestions given from the audience. The unscripted antics of ComedySportz, or CSz, players will be the highlight of your week. And you won’t have to worry about taking kids. Even if they won’t get all of the jokes, they won’t hear any obscenities or offensive language. At CSz, any bad language will draw a “brown bag foul,” where the offending player must wear a brown paper grocery bag over their head and sit out for the remainder of the scene.

Station Theater
The Station Theater is one-stop shopping for all your comedy needs. They feature improv and sketch comedy shows and classes in improv and sketch writing. All shows are BYOB, and there are various improv groups in the same place, so if one show doesn’t fit your taste, there are always options! If you’ve always been told you’re the funniest one in the office or you would just like to build your creative thinking or confidence, try out an improv class and let your imagination run wild.

When you’re wondering what to do with your night, look no further than one of these comedy clubs. You’re sure to have a fantastic time!

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The Best Cigar Shops in Woodlake/Briar Meadow

Houston is home to some of the finest cigar shops in the country. Whether you are a smoker from way back, or you are just picking it up as a hobby, you will find a cigar to suit your taste. From Churchills to perfectos and full or light bodied, there is a whole world of cigars out there to explore. Here are our 4 favorite cigar lounges to find a favorite stogie.

Stogies World Class Cigars

Stogies offers cigars from over 200 different brands representing 6 Latin American countries and the United States. After tracking down the perfect one for you, you can enjoy it in the large smoking lounge, complete with comfy leather couches and TVs where you can catch the game. Or on nice days, there is a smoking patio so you can enjoy your smoke outside. Cigar aficionados can find plenty to keep them happy here.

Friendly Fire Cigars

In the heart of the Energy Corridor sits Friendly Fire Cigars. This is a newer lounge in town, and it is The goal of Friendly Fire is to foster good conversation and the building of friendships over a quality cigar. Relax in the plush couches around a fireplace with a fine cigar and a drink and while away the hours with a new friend. This being the Energy Corridor, you’re likely to meet someone with interesting stories.

Casa de Montecristo

Sometimes, sitting around with a cigar just isn’t enough. You need an event to enjoy while you puff away. For that, head to Casa de Montecristo. Find deals on boxes or individual cigars, and bring your friends for trivia night on Whiskey Wednesday. Or celebrate the life of Arturo Fuente at an event with swag and deals on Arturo cigars. They also have a rewards program where you can earn points toward cigars and accessories.

Hoyo de Cuba

If you are in the mood for a cigar but want to smoke it at home on your own time, you can find amazing deals at Hoyo de Cuba Cigar Factory. You can find more than 25,000 different cigars in their giant walk-in humidor, many made exclusively for Hoyo de Cuba with tobacco grown from Cuban seeds. You can also order personalized boxes or labels for an individualized celebration of a bachelor party, birthday, birth of a child, or any other occasion. They may not have as wide a range of brands as some of the other stores, but they offer the finest quality of the types they manufacture.

Cigars are a big part of Houston’s past and culture. Try one out of these stores and you might find a new favorite way to relax!

*SURGEON GENERAL’S WARNING: Tobacco smoke increases the risk of lung cancer and heart disease, even in nonsmokers.

Lose Yourself in the Best Museums in Houston

Houston is a city with a rich and varied past. From a burgeoning wild west stopover to a leading space exploration innovator, Houston has a lot of history to show off. Luckily, many of the city’s best museums are collected in a convenient Museum District. Here are our favorite Houston museums, both in and out of the District.

Houston Museum of Natural Science

If you are into exploring the natural order of the world, this is the place for you. When you think of a classic museum, the Houston Museum of Natural Science is likely close to what you picture. Here you’ll find massive dinosaur skeletons bringing prehistoric times right in front of your eyes. You can head into the enormous Cockrell Butterfly Center, where you will encounter over 60 different species of the most colorful and interesting butterflies in the world. They may even land on you so you can admire them up close! Then head over to the Burke Baker Planetarium to discover the secrets of the universe. Learn about the farthest reaches of our galaxy, and explore the vast wonders of space.

Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

You studied the great artists in school, seeing small reprints of their works in the corner of your textbooks. But at Houston’s Museum of Fine Arts, the works of the master come alive in a new way. See the original brush strokes from the hands of Van Gogh and Georgia O’Keeffe. View sculptures from Ancient Greece and the Aztec Empire. Marvel at photos from the very beginning of the medium in the 1860s, and see candid polaroids taken by Andy Warhol. Whatever form of studio art you are interested in, the Museum of Fine Arts has something to capture your imagination.

Houston Space Center

What list of Houston museums would be complete without mentioning the Space Center? Since the beginning of the American space program, Houston has been synonymous with the exploration of the Final Frontier. If you have ever wondered what it takes to push beyond the limits of human limits, this is a great place to get a behind the scenes look. Here you have the opportunity to see rockets and shuttles that have played crucial roles in our missions to space. On Fridays and Saturdays, you can have lunch with an astronaut! Listen to first-hand accounts of the wonders and dangers of space missions from the people who have been there. Or take a guided tour through the inner workings of the space center, including a trip to Mission Control.

Buffalo Soldiers National Museum

You’ve heard the Bob Marley song about the Buffalo Soldier who was “Stolen from Africa, Brought to America.” Now you can visit the Buffalo Soldier National Museum and learn about what that song was referring to. The Buffalo Soldiers were made up of former slaves, freemen, and black Civil War soldiers. They were integral in the expansion of the American West, and fought valiantly for a country that did not treat them as equal men. Discover the brave story of a fighting unit that helped change the shape of this nation.

Visit these great museums and see all that Houston has to offer! For more museum options, check out this post.
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Grab a Slice of the Best Pizza in West Houston

Houston has an amazing food scene. With some of the best bbq in the country, and international chefs vying for a place at the proverbial Houston table, you have your pick of delicious delicacies. But sometimes you want to go with the old standby: pizza. It’s so simple, yet so versatile. And there’s not a person alive who doesn’t like it. Here are the best local pizza places in West Houston.

Barry’s Pizza and Italian Diner

Let’s just start out this list by saying that when we say pizza, we aren’t talking Dominos or Papa Johns. We mean real, fresh, handmade pizza made by local companies with local ingredients. And Barry’s fits that description. Barry’s is a family-owned establishment that has been serving the Houston community for over 35 years. They are a staple of the neighborhood, with a popular happy hour, game day events, and kids night complete with face painting and balloon animals.

Tastee Pizza

This unique pizzeria blends the traditional pizza flavors of Italy with the bold spices of South Asia into a flavor combination that must be tried to be believed. Tastee Pizza serves up such singular slices as the Chicken Bihari pizza, which is covered with chicken marinated in spices from the Bihari region of India, then topped with onions and jalapenos. Or try the Chapli Kabab pizza, which is halal beef marinated in Peshawari Chapli Kabab spices with onions and jalapenos. Basically, there are a lot of onions and jalapenos involved. Delicious!

Jenny’s Pizza and Pasta

What they lack in technological savvy (they appear to have two different websites, here and here), they make up for in just good, straightforward pizza. There’s plenty of special deals for the budget minded, although to be honest, the prices are pretty dang low to begin with.

Antonio’s Flying Pizza and Italian Restaurant

Antonio’s is a true American success story. Antonio was born and raised in Sicily, Italy. He eventually took the journey that so many before him had and came to America in 1959. Once here, he set up a restaurant in Brooklyn selling pizza at 15 cents a slice. In 1971, he made his way to Houston, longing to bring the authentic taste of southern Italy to the Lone Star State. His children now own and operate the restaurant based on Antonio’s original recipes and ideals. You won’t find a more original Italian pie in the city.

Too tired to make dinner? Now you’ve got plans. The beauty is these places all deliver. Pizza’s here!
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Make a Splash at the Best Water Parks Around Houston

It’s hot out there, in case you hadn’t noticed. Summer? In Houston? Hot? We know, it’s strange but true. And the hotter it gets, the better water parks start to look. Luckily, the Houston area has plenty of options where you can get your splash on. Here are our favorite water parks in the area.

Typhoon Texas

This Texas-themed waterpark proves that everything is bigger here! With numerous slides to choose from, a tidal wave pool, lazy river, and even an interactive waterslide/video game combo, you’re sure to find something that’s your speed at Typhoon Texas. You can race your friends on the speedy Lone Star Racer slides, then see who has the nerve to face the 7-story open air free fall of The Gunslinger. Admission here ranges from $19.99 to $39.99 depending on the day.

Pirates Bay

Pirate’s Bay has every kind of water slide you could want: tube slides, body slides, speed slides, drop slides, and multi-person slides. They also have rental spaces available if you want to have a group of friends for a party. For those who might not be the strongest swimmers but don’t want to miss out on the fun, free lifejackets are available to borrow. Tickets are $25, but after 4 pm on weekdays, it goes down to just $10.

Wet ‘n’ Wild Splashtown

Water slides, cheerleading competitions, concerts…. It seems like there’s nothing Wet ‘n’ Wild Splashtown can’t do. This park offers a range of entertainment beyond simply the water attractions. But those water attractions are pretty great too. They have all the thrill rides you would normally find at a water park, plus some extras. Check out the Tornado, a 75 foot high, 134-foot long tunnel that ends in a giant swirling funnel. Or try your surfing abilities on the constant wave of the FlowRider. If you want to have a home base, you can rent a large cabana that comes with 4 meals, 4 beach towels, sunscreen, table service, and a locker rental. Tickets in start at $41.99.

Head to one of these fun parks to beat the heat this summer. Just remember to wear sunscreen so the only thing you take away from the day will be the memories, not a sunburn.
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The Top Record Shops in West Houston

It may seem like only the most ardent audiophiles prefer records to digital music. But even for the casual listener, there is something charming, and even nostalgic, about the pops and crackles of the needle against the vinyl. If you have thought even a little bit about checking out if what the hipsters say is true about vinyl records, now is the time. They are often quite cheap and can expose you to a whole new world of music. Here are our favorite record shops in West Houston.  



Allrecords is exactly what you picture when you think of a record store. Large posters of The Beatles and Bob Dylan adorn the walls. Rows and rows of records, CDs, 8 tracks are staked, mostly in display stands, but some on chairs or in boxes on the ground. This is one of the few vinyl shops in town without an online catalog, so in order to get music from Allrecords, you have to do it the old-fashioned way: come down and rifle through boxes and bins until you find that hidden gem you didn’t know you were missing.

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  Cactus Music   The oldest independent record store in Houston, Cactus Music has been serving up tunes on a platter for over thirty years. They strive to be your one-stop shop for all things music. They offer live in-store concerts, a massive collection of records and CDs, record release parties, and even an app with digital downloads.    

Black Dog Records

Black Dog is where you go when you really know what you are talking about when it comes to records. They specialize in high-quality used vinyl that is meticulously cleaned on VPI vacuum album restoration equipment with a deep cleaning solution to ensure every groove is pristine. Each album is guaranteed to be in tip-top condition. You could spend hours digging through the neat, organized bins or checking out the signed rock memorabilia on the walls.


Vintage Sounds Houston

If you have always wanted to be a vinyl collector but don’t have anything to play your records on, stop by Vintage Sounds Houston. They specialize in antique sound equipment and can help you find a beautiful piece that will help your new records sound their best. Whether you are looking for a large, impressive victrola or a small portable turntable, you can find what you want here. They also have a selection of vintage records to choose from in-store.

There’s no better time to start your record collection than now. Try one of these shops and ask the experts!

Farmers Markets of Southwest Houston

In our fast-paced society, it is sometimes hard to stop and take a look around you. To appreciate the hard work and creativity of the members of our community. If you are looking to get back in touch with your neighborhood and support local artisans and laborers, a Farmers Market is an excellent place to start. Here are our favorite Farmers Markets in Southwest Houston.

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  Westchase District Farmers Market   With over two dozen vendors, you are sure to find something you love at the Westchase District Farmers Market. In a time when there are almost weekly stories in the news of e. Coli or salmonella outbreaks in produce, it is more important than ever to know where your food is coming from. Here you can know your fruit and veggies are grown with love and care by local small business owners. Also, are you a seasonal allergy sufferer? Some say that honey made from local flowers can help acclimate your immune response and ease allergy symptoms. It’s worth a shot! The Westchase Farmers Market is open every Thursday at 3 pm.    

Memorial Village Farmers Market

You can make a day of it with the family at the Memorial Village Farmers Market. This market features activities for the kids, live music, guest lectures, and pet-friendly options. Get your organic produce, some artisan soaps, a handmade loaf of bread, and see some great local musicians all in one place! Join the fun on Saturdays from 9-1.

Chimney Rock Market

Chimney Rock Market is a farmers market, but it’s also more. They are also an art show! While you can buy your favorite natural, farm-fresh goods, you can also peruse beautiful works of art by local artists. Pick up a fresh squeezed lemonade while you wander through aisles of alluring paintings and elegant sculptures every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month. You might just find the perfect piece for your home!

What better way to support local small business and enjoy high-quality craft made products than by shopping at a farmers market?

Fun Adult Classes Around Houston, TX

  Learning and growing is what makes life worth living! If you’re not moving forward, you’re just standing still. So spend the summertime learning something new. You’ll acquire new skills, meet new people and unlock some potential you never knew you had.

Here are some fun adult classes to take around Houston!



Kathryn Herod and Celeste Terrell started teaching Well Done Cooking Classes in a tiny 2 bedroom apartment in the Greenway area of Houston in June of 2009. Celeste was working for Perry’s Restaurant’s catering department and Kathryn was teaching English at Houston Community College when they thought it was time to pursue a business. They offer a warm, welcoming environment where many people feel they can replicate the recipes they learn at home.

In her 5-star Yelp review, Basilia C. writes, “Lots of people for the “date night” class… What a treat! great company, good food, and lots of avail wine and drinks.”



At The Rustic Brush, they believe making something by hand adds sentimental value and pride to a piece. Through their no-experience-required workshops, they will share their knowledge of crafting and DIY to foster your creative instincts and provide you with a unique, beautiful piece of art. With the help of their experienced instructors and BYOB policy, they promise you a wonderful adventure into arts entertainment that will enrich both your life and your home!

In her 5-star Yelp review, Christine L. writes, “Create your new masterpiece at The Rustic Brush! Many different options you can choose from or you can design your own (extra to do custom).”



Learn glassblowing techniques at Juggernaut Glass! Flameworking is a form of glassblowing that utilizes a torch or flame to create objects from molten glass rods and tubing.  Come to learn how to create hand-blown glass beads, pendants, marbles, ornaments, functional art, pipes and sculpture in any of their beginner through advanced classes.

In her 5-star Yelp review, Val P. writes, “Great class.  Friendly instructor. Can’t wait to go back.”

Be a lifelong learner at these fun adult classes around Houston!

The Best Vegan Restaurants in Houston, TX

A plant-based diet is more than a popular trend. It’s actually a pretty good idea. The health benefits are more than Google-able, they’re evident. And Houston’s greatest culinary minds are cooking up healthy vegan dishes that any brisket-biting Texan would gladly make his supper.

Let’s order up some vegan vittles at the best vegan restaurants in Houston!




The menu at Govinda’s Vegetarian Cuisine uses the fresh ingredients and a variety of spices, giving each dish and a bite a unique flavor of India. The brunch scene is not to be missed. Govinda’s is a long hailed Houston institution, the launch pad of every Sunday Funday and the ultimate reward of sleeping in and missing breakfast. The all-you-can-eat buffet will make sure you don’t go home hungry.

Eater Houston praises the spot’s attention to detail: “All the dishes here, like barbecue tofu, okra & potato masala, and saag paneer are made from scratch with fresh ingredients, and the roti is top-notch.”



Baba Yega is a friendly neighborhood restaurant in the Montrose area serving a great menu of tasty American favorites. They have a daily buffet available, as well as a full menu of breakfast, lunch and dinner options. Enjoy the warm and welcoming atmosphere, with fireplaces, comfortable seating and a great patio area with flowers, plants and even a waterfall.

Eater Houston calls Baba Yega “one of Montrose’s most beloved eateries.” They recommend the black bean veggie burger.



Authenticity with a modern twist, Les Givral’s Kahve delivers fresh, fast, healthy and affordable Vietnamese cuisine.  With a contemporary design and an uncompromising approach towards the quality of food, Les Givral’s Kahve is prime for the masses.

“Tofu dishes are abundant at this Vietnamese eatery,” says Eater Houston, “including an iteration of pho that skips the meat.”

Make like a tree and leave for the best vegan restaurants in Houston!  

The Best Vintage Shops Around Houston

Leftovers taste better, love doesn’t sting so much and those old Chuck Taylor kicks never looked so good. Some things are just better the second time around. It takes a keen eye to curate the hidden gems from a rubbish pile, discarding the merely tacky and out-of-date and skimming those rarified finds that any hipster would proudly proclaim “vintage.” Brand new is so yesterday. Let’s trawl the best vintage shops in Houston for a thrift store!


BLIND GIRL PRODUCTIONS Sondra and Keith provide the vision behind Blind Girl Productions. Even though Sondra lost most of her vision due to Retinitis Pigmentosa, it’s clear the heart behind Blind Girl has not lost her humor and insight on what is good in life. The couple re-purpose and restore found items because they “feel finding a new use for what was an everyday item is good for our environment.” They thoroughly enjoy hunting for treasures and sharing them with others. Google Local Guide Shasha Ratta shows unrestrained enthusiasm in her 5-star review: “Great! Wonderful people and amazing things!”  


CHEEKY VINTAGE Darling, be daring at Cheeky Vintage. Vintage is an obsession for Jina, the mistress of operations at Cheeky. It’s the personal touch that gives a curated collection its personality—and boy, does this place have personality! “One of my greatest joys,” says Jina, “is helping you, our cherished clients, find that perfect piece.” Mixing contemporary fashion with vintage classics is one of the joys of the thrift store circuit. Other joys await you, as well, says Culture Map Houston, “Once inside, you are immersed in a boutique-style setting, complete with cozy sitting area and chocolate!”


EL BAMBI Lindsay Beale and Emily Hynds teamed up to open El Bambi, Houston’s only vintage store with an in-house tailor! This shop has a quirky vibe and a kitschy aesthetic that millennial fashionistas are sure to find irresistible. Their eclectic inventory includes an 80s tee with neon graphics and a 70s coral dress with a fabulously wide collar. And, best of all, Lindsay and Emily’s refined tastes don’t come with the insane markups you’ll find at some other hipster hubs.   In her 5-star Yelp review, Christine L., of Houston, says, “So cute and reasonable prices! I bought a $22 dress that looks like a wrap style with flowers and so flattering!” You’ll have to go back to the future to find the next trends. Houston’s best vintage shops are moving fashion forward to the past!