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Lose Yourself in the Best Museums in Houston

Houston is a city with a rich and varied past. From a burgeoning wild west stopover to a leading space exploration innovator, Houston has a lot of history to show off. Luckily, many of the city’s best museums are collected in a convenient Museum District. Here are our favorite Houston museums, both in and out of the District.

Houston Museum of Natural Science

If you are into exploring the natural order of the world, this is the place for you. When you think of a classic museum, the Houston Museum of Natural Science is likely close to what you picture. Here you’ll find massive dinosaur skeletons bringing prehistoric times right in front of your eyes. You can head into the enormous Cockrell Butterfly Center, where you will encounter over 60 different species of the most colorful and interesting butterflies in the world. They may even land on you so you can admire them up close! Then head over to the Burke Baker Planetarium to discover the secrets of the universe. Learn about the farthest reaches of our galaxy, and explore the vast wonders of space.

Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

You studied the great artists in school, seeing small reprints of their works in the corner of your textbooks. But at Houston’s Museum of Fine Arts, the works of the master come alive in a new way. See the original brush strokes from the hands of Van Gogh and Georgia O’Keeffe. View sculptures from Ancient Greece and the Aztec Empire. Marvel at photos from the very beginning of the medium in the 1860s, and see candid polaroids taken by Andy Warhol. Whatever form of studio art you are interested in, the Museum of Fine Arts has something to capture your imagination.

Houston Space Center

What list of Houston museums would be complete without mentioning the Space Center? Since the beginning of the American space program, Houston has been synonymous with the exploration of the Final Frontier. If you have ever wondered what it takes to push beyond the limits of human limits, this is a great place to get a behind the scenes look. Here you have the opportunity to see rockets and shuttles that have played crucial roles in our missions to space. On Fridays and Saturdays, you can have lunch with an astronaut! Listen to first-hand accounts of the wonders and dangers of space missions from the people who have been there. Or take a guided tour through the inner workings of the space center, including a trip to Mission Control.

Buffalo Soldiers National Museum

You’ve heard the Bob Marley song about the Buffalo Soldier who was “Stolen from Africa, Brought to America.” Now you can visit the Buffalo Soldier National Museum and learn about what that song was referring to. The Buffalo Soldiers were made up of former slaves, freemen, and black Civil War soldiers. They were integral in the expansion of the American West, and fought valiantly for a country that did not treat them as equal men. Discover the brave story of a fighting unit that helped change the shape of this nation.

Visit these great museums and see all that Houston has to offer! For more museum options, check out this post.

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