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The Best Houston Instagram Accounts to Follow

Houston is such a beautiful city with so much art, food and scenery. The only problem? There’s no way you can see and try it all in a quick amount of time. Well we’re here to save you the hassle. Social media is a wonderful tool and today Alta City West is going to tell you how to use social media to view all that Houston has to offer without even leaving the comfort of your home. We’ve put together our favorites and made The Best Houston Instagram Accounts to Follow so that you can see it all and then this weekend head to check out some of your favorites!

The Artsy Instagram Account


One of the coolest things about Houston that we don’t get to see nearly enough of is its graffiti. So it’s a good thing that @houtxgrown is here to spotlight their favorite graffiti on their Instagram account for all to see. You get it all in one place without having to travel all the streets looking for your favorites. (Photo courtesy of @houtxgrown Instagram).

The Foodie Instagram Account


We get it. There’s only room enough in your stomach for so much every day and there’s no way you can try all of Houston’s amazing food joints before a new one pops up. But don’t worry because @HungerHouston is here to try it all for you and show you their favorites. Next time you need some food inspiration head over to their page and decide your next meal (Photo courtesy of @HungerHouston).

The View Instagram Account


Houston is notoriously known for having some of the most beautiful scenery and buildings in the nation. There’s always some new way to view the city and some cool shots of different areas of the city. @HoustonCity has a great way of catching the city in a new point of view and making you wish you could see the city every which way. (Photo courtesy of @HoustonCity).

With Houston being such a lively and fun city it’s hard to keep up with all that’s going on. The best way to control it all is give a few Instagram accounts a follow and keep up even when you’re busy. Then, when you’re not busy you know exactly what to go check out without having to do much research! Go ahead Houston, push follow. You won’t regret it!

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