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Photo Blog: Houston’s Most Haunted

It’s official, one of our top 12 favorite months has arrived! October is a time for scaring and ghoulish activities to commence and we cannot be more excited for the countdown to Halloween. We’re going to fill up on candy, watch as many scary movies as possible, and start full out decorating with pumpkins and cobwebs. But before our favorite holiday arrives and we throw on our costumes, Alta City West thinks we need to share the greatness that is the haunted Houston scene. You may not know it but chances are you pass a notoriously haunted area in Houston everyday. With some even located right by in West Houston, there has never been a better time to go out and get a little spooked in Houston. Alta City West wants to make sure you get the best of the best out of your scare experience and with that we give to you Photo Blog: Houston’s Most Haunted. Go forth and be scared Houston.

2309 Wichita Street


A Gothic themed house that the owner worked on for over 30 years until he passed away. Now it’s empty and spooky and some of the stairways don’t lead anywhere. Happy Halloween. (Photo from:

Jefferson Davis Hospital


It is the trifecta of scary: built on a cemetery, was a hospital, and is now abandoned and boarded up. It’s recently been renovated and turned into artists lofts, but that doesn’t stop the scary antics that ensue at night! (Photo from:

Martha Chapel Cemetery


We’re a little scared to even write about this one, we don’t want this juju in our lives. But still we must go on. Martha Chapel Cemetery has cemented its title as one of Houston’s most haunted places not only for the endless paranormal activities that go on at all hours of the day but on top of that it sits at the end of a road that locals call ‘Demon Road’. No, we’re not kidding. (Photo from:

If you’re sitting at home and wondering “Where can I go in Houston to get really scared this Halloween season?” (We don’t know why you would be doing that, but to each their own) Alta City West is here to provide you with a decent starting point of where you can go get the full ghost experience.

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